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Storage Secrets

Some wines are ready to be drunk immediately. Other wines are for worth keeping: they need time to develop their flavours.
It is important to taste a wine before placing it in your cellar, in order to judge how long to wait before drinking it. Some conditions must be respected if wine is to be stored correctly.
Wine has to be protected from elements that could harm it during storage. Light is an enemy of wine, and so are the strong odours (fuel, domestic products etc.) that are often present in garages. Vibrations also can impair the quality of your wine.

Temperature must be kept constant, ideally between 12 and 14°C.
Humidity should also be supervised and maintained at around 70%. Too much humidity in a cellar can damage the boxes, labels and corks.
Finally, it is important to ventilate your cellar in order to avoid any problems (bad smells).

Wine cabinets are becoming increasingly easy to find, and provide perfect storage conditions. We recommend investing in one!