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Serving Secrets

To taste a wine and discover all of its secrets, certain parameters need to be taken in account. The first rule of tasting is to enjoy yourself!
The rules for serving wines vary depending on the type of wine. But whether they are white, red or rosé, here a few tips to help optimize the flavour potential.

For a red wine, it is recommended that a bottle is allowed to stabilize for a few hours in the room where it will be tasted. In this way, the wine will gradually reach the ambient temperature. You can then decant the wine to soften it and enjoy its full harmony. All that remains now to serve the wine, in glasses that are tall rather than wide, and allow it to reveal its qualities.

White wines should be stored in the refrigerator. Ideally, remove the bottle 10 minutes before tasting, to allow the aromas to develop. When serving, avoid filling more than one third of the glass to preserve all of the wine's freshness and delicacy.
Rosé wines should be served very cold. On the other side of the Atlantic, they are even served with ice-cubes! Serving a rosé cold will redolent of the raspberry notes, and will highlight the wine's natural freshness.

Tip for drinking wines in the right order.
When drinking white wines, it is advisable to start with the driest and end with the sweetest. With red wines, it is customary to serve the youngest vintage first and to progress through the meal, drinking the oldest wine with the cheese. This rule can be broken if you want to try the wine with the most personality with the main course.