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Tasting Secrets

To fully experience a wine’s flavours and aromas, a few simple rules should be observed. The first is to enjoy the tasting experience with all five senses.

Start with the wine's appearance: a good wine should be pleasing to look at. Bring the glass up to eye level so that the colours and reflections can be clearly seen. Some wines have a dark garnet colour, while others are a brilliant ruby red. Rotate the glass to obtain an idea of the wine's texture and smoothness.
The second stage of tasting is olfactory. Smell your wine and savour the bouquet. Swirl the wine in the glass and repeat the operation. This stimulation of the wine's bouquet will give you an idea of the wine's quality.
Finally, taste the wine in small sips and let the tannins invade your palate. Analyse the wine's "attack" in your mouth, the first impression, and also how it evolves. You will then be able to judge the wine's balance, and its strength and structure.